What is Emface

From the ever-innovative world of cosmetic technology comes a revolutionary facial treatment known as EMFACE™. It works by simultaneously affecting the muscles and skin, doing so via the emission of both HIFES™ (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) and Synchronized RF energies.

After the procedure, you end up with more lift and fewer wrinkles. All this is usually done naturally, without involving needles. The most amazing fact is that the entire EMFACE treatment for the whole face takes only 20 minutes.


How It Works

How Does EMFACE Work?

Not only does EMFACE utilize the simultaneous application of HIFES and Synchronized RF energies, but it is the first device of its kind in the market.

Here is how it works:

  • Synchronized RF – This process will remodel and smooth your skin by heating the dermis. It increases collagen and elastin fiber levels.
  • HIFES – Next, the HIFES technology will restore and lift the support of your facial tissues. It achieves this by selectively contracting your facial muscles. It then increases the quality and density of your muscle structure.

The combination results in a naturally younger appearance that is long-lasting. EMFACE uses strong yet safe electromagnetic energies and radio frequency to heat your facial tissues and muscles. It is like an intense facial workout because it helps tone and strengthens your facial muscles


As mentioned earlier, the revolutionary technology does not use needles. Your face is gently sculpted without injecting any substances into your face. For this reason, it is the best option if you are allergic to products utilized in some facial treatments. Also, heating your skin tissue makes you look younger and healthier.


EMFACE results also speak for themselves. Nine clinical studies successfully treated 170 patients using over 700 treatments. This innovative treatment presents a paradigm shift in how experts produce facial definition and rejuvenation. It is perfect if you are looking for a better, noninvasive solution than the ones in the market today.

Does EMFACE Treatment Work?

The simple answer is yes since it is one of the first muscle-building innovations of its kind. It proved quite effective in improving facial aesthetics in all clinical trials. You can trust EMFACE’s facial muscle stimulation, skin healing, and toning process. The heating process of EMFACE is a more effective solution to skin toning than other facial aesthetics.

What You Can Expect

An EMFACE treatment procedure feels like a natural facial massage. You will experience a warm feeling in the treatment area. You lie down and relax during the procedure and can expect to start feeling tangible results right after the procedure.
Additionally, the treatment does not need any downtime after the session. Patients report seeing positive outcomes about four to six weeks after the last procedure. You will continue improving for several weeks after that.

Before & After


After Emface

After 4th Treatment, Exclusively Radiant Medspa


After Emface

1 Month after 4th Treatment, Courtesy of the Vue Medispa


After Emface

3 Months after 4th Treatment, Courtesy of: Breakthrough Wellness